The Wii-U Goes Live Along With A Firmware Update, and Reports of the First Bricks

on November 18, 2012 1:47 PM

Oh and those crazy people we like to refer to as engineers have also cracked some open to try and get at the hardware specs Nintendo was so keen not to release. Have you picked up a Wii-U yet? For many people around the world today the answer is a yes. Nintendo must have been busy since they started shipping because there’s already a huge firmware update of over 5 gigabytes waiting to be downloaded. Oh well, I suppose better late than never. Be careful when updating though, turning off the console while updating will brick it.

A few people have already found that out the hard way today, or perhaps deliberately trying to test the new handheld console. Speaking of testing, a few have been opened up now and while the GPU remains elusive, it does seem that the system has 2 gigabytes of DDR3 memory, which would give it four times the memory of an Xbox 360, though the differences in eDRAM are not yet apparent. Ok that’s getting a bit technical for my tastes, but it does mean that the Wii-U has some real horses under the hood.

The Wii-U faces a serious challenge, though. While it has this Christmas season practically to itself for console sales, next year Microsoft and Sony will likely release their next-gen consoles which could completely outclass the large handheld. Nintendo is rolling the dice on this one, but so far it looks like people are fairly satisfied with their Wii-U. Are you?

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