The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Gets Pre-Order Goodies

on January 28, 2012 11:00 AM

The Witcher 2 was one of the deepest and most interesting games on the PC last year, and this year the Enhanced Edition of the game is expanding the game’s market to the XBox 360. The game’s publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive, and its developer, CD Projekt RED, have already detailed the content of the game’s new edition and have also shared the plans for the limited edition. What is new is that, the game is also getting some pretty cool pre-order baubles for those who get the game from one of the three major video game retailers.

Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop are each getting a different item to give away to fans who pre-order the game. What is especially nice is that these goodies are actual collectibles, and not merely some annoying, exclusive DLC weapon or quest. Amazon will give you a digital comic, Best Buy is giving out Witcher t-shirts,  and GameStop will grant you a Wolf Head key chain. Not bad, especially if you were planning on getting the game anyway.

So CD Projekt RED is giving fans more stuff to enjoy. They are a company that really seems to respect their community. Fans will get the above goodies (provided they pre-order of course) in addition to all the stuff we know is in the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2: the soundtrack for the game, a world map as well as a quest handbook designed for both new players and experienced role-playing fans. Of course the hardcore fans are probably anticipating the Dark Edition, will also come with a making of DVD, an artbook, some stickers, collectible packaging and most importantly, a necklace featuring the Witcher’s Wolf Head medallion in addition to all the fun stuff the Enhanced Edition has. If you’re curious about the Dark Edition, you can watch its unboxing here.

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