The Witcher 3 Dev: We Don’t Want to Release Sh*t; Explains Philosophy of Delaying Release

The Witcher 3 Dev: We Don’t Want to Release Sh*t; Explains Philosophy of Delaying Release

CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was originally supposed to launch late last year before being postponed to February of this year. Then another delay was announced and a release date of May 19th was offered to fans, much to the annoyance of some impatient gamers.

So what’s the deal with the delay? We all know that they happen and developers, along with their publishers, often get undue criticism for delays in a game’s release. Ahem, Rockstar.

A few of CD Projekt’s developers took some time to sit and chat with one of the chaps from PC RPG Community and explained that the studio don’t want to tarnish their reputation by putting a game out to market when it’s not ready. Sounds fair enough really. Here’s what they had to say when asked about the delays:

It’s very simple: it wasn’t ready yet. If you look around recently, there are bad responses if you release a game that isn’t ready yet.

Well, it’s healthy to get responses for that. We shouldn’t put out shit, and we don’t want to put out shit.

The trio then go on to explain why they don’t want to release a game in a sub-standard condition, noting that they want to be proud of their product.

Sure it was always important for the company and I think also for the people working here that what we give out from our hands must be all right. So that we don’t have to offer excuses and be sorry, but instead be proud of the product.

They also note that whilst other publishers, who they shan’t name, would have just let the game release on its original date even with problems, the team decided to push it back, bear the storm from angry fans and crack on to make the game be the best it can be.

In some cases more time is needed for that, and even if that fiasco wouldn’t have happened with other publishers – we don’t want to tell names – but we went ahead and did it anyway. Yes we took on a date. No we couldn’t meet it. We have to bear the consequences and make further development, so you should wait a little longer, be patient and it will be very cool.

Top marks to the lads, they’re doing themselves proud. It’s all too easy to push out a game on a date and shrug off the problems with ongoing patches, so it’s nice to see a developer actually give a damn about what they’re creating. May 19th can’t come soon enough.