The Witcher 3 Gets More Info on Patches 1.04 and 1.05, Camera Stutter Fix, Asian PSN issues and More

The Witcher 3 Gets More Info on Patches 1.04 and 1.05, Camera Stutter Fix, Asian PSN issues and More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an awesome game, but as most large open world experiences it comes with a few snags, which the folks at CD Projekt RED are working tirelessly to adds a few rounds of polish via patch.

Today Community Coordinator Marcin Momot gives more information on what we can expect from upcoming patches.

Yesterday he explained that patch 1.04 on consoles should come in between a week and a week and a half. Today he clarified on the official forums that the team hopes for a faster turnaround than that, but the matter is out of their hands, as it depends on certification at Sony and Microsoft.

“We are hoping to have it quicker than that. It’s all about the certification process on consoles.”

An issue that causes the camera to stutter when rotates slowly is going to be solved in patch 1.05 on PC and 1.04 on consoles:

“As far as the camera stutter for PS4 we have a fix coming for this in 1.04.”

“Yes. 1.05 for PC, 1.04 for consoles.”

A bug in the Payback quest that causes the ability to run to be removed is also going to be fixed with the next patch:

“This is a glitch that will be removed in the upcoming patch. We already have a fix for this. Sorry about the trouble.”

The bug with old grumpy Roche in the “Eye for an Eye” quest will also be solved in the upcoming patch:

“This will be patched n the upcoming update. We are aware of this issue. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

Momot also posted a temporary workaround for the bug that causes players to get stuck in a loading screen in the “King’s Gambit” quest. The bug itself will be fixed in the patch:

“There’s a workaround that should help. If you lost a fist fight with Lugos, please try reloading the save and win it. This should remove the error.”

He also explained on Twitter that the team is looking into the occasional frame rate drops on PS4, but he could not yet give details on that:

Finally, if you have the Asian PS4 version of the game, and still didn’t receive the 1.03 patch and the latest round of free DLC, you’re not alone, as they still haven’t been released on the Asian PSN. Momot promised that the team is looking into it.

“Thanks for reporting this. We are looking into this issue. Both patch and the dlc should be available everywhere by now. It’s strange.”