The Witcher 3 Gets Tons of New Info: “Don’t Worry” About the PS4 Version; Could Last Over 200 Hours

The Witcher 3 Gets Tons of New Info: “Don’t Worry” About the PS4 Version; Could Last Over 200 Hours

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting closer and closer to its massively anticipated release, and Senior Game Designer Damien Monnier answered a lot of questions from the fans on Twitter, giving quite a lot of interesting information, which you can see below:

Monnier begun by explaining Andrzej Sapkowski’s (the original author of the IP) involvement in the project:

We also learn that a certain tattoo will carry over from The Witcher 2 if you play both games on PC.

Interestingly, Monnier mentions that Dark Souls‘ combat system had a relevant influence on the game:

The game’s story will still be divided in acts, even if they aren’t displayed, while quests will span between different acts:

The game’s free DLC won’t be small and will include quests:

The most challenging aspect of development was something many might not expect:

There will be some camera options to play with. For now it’s mostly zoom, but more might be added:

Armor sets cannot be customized, but they have different tiers:

Geralt’s hair can be customized:

We’ll be able to use signs on horseback in the same way we’ll do on foot:

We get more info on boating as well:

If you’re worried about the German version being censored, worry no more:

Want to know more about Ciri? Here you go:

If you’re a newcomer to The Witcher series, don’t worry too much, the game is quite accessible:

Yennefer’s looks from the Sword of Destiny trailer might appear among the DLC:

The game is rather massive in terms of duration:

Weather will affect the behavior of NPCs:

We’re gonna get more info about alchemy next week:

We also got more info on screenshot options:

Items will still fly when you hit it with the Aard sign:

Water has been improved since the January build:

If you’re worrying about the PS4 version, which hasn’t exactly been shown that much, worry no more:

Monnier was also asked to express his preference between the PC version at minimum specs and Xbox One version:

If you’re wondering about Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have to wait after The Witcher 3‘s release.

And there you have it, straight from the lion’s mouth. Stay tuned on DualShockers for more info on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Monnier is currently in Milan for a press event, and that’s exactly where I’ll be tomorrow morning.