The Witcher 3’s Possible PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive Features Found in Leaked Design Documents

The Witcher 3’s Possible PS4 and Xbox One Exclusive Features Found in Leaked Design Documents

Today a whole batch of design documents for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been leaked (apparently through the hacking of a Google Drive account of a developer), and they included quite a bit of interesting information.

We won’t publish most of it, because it includes enormous stpoilers (including the endings), and we very much prefer you to discover the story by yourself when the game will come out. Yet a document about the alpha version of the game included some nice non-spoilery information about possible Xbox One and PS4 exclusive features.

Xbox One will have Kinect Voice Commands and SmartGlass support, as we already knew, but there’s one more features related to SmarGlass which we didn’t know about and could prove very cool, in the form of a “commentary mode.” While the document does not elaborate, the most probable interpretation is that your smart device might display developer commentary as you play the game, pretty much like the director’s commentary you find in movie DVDs.

On the PlayStation side of things, the use of th DualShock 4 light and other “PS4 features” are marked as “maybe.”

Social Media integration is also mentioned, even if it won’t be specific to any console.

The document then explains the game was completely playable in alpha on both PC and consoles back in February. It’s worth stressing on the fact that they’re talking strictly about the alpha version, so of course the “blocking issues” won’t appear at launch (and yeah, they call it “Xbone,” sorry Larry):

The entire game can be played without progression blocking issues on PC, XBONE and PS4 although performance is expected to be worse on consoles. On any platform performance should not directly affect or disable Alpha build review.

Game is playable on PC and with saves we can have full playthrough without permanent blockers.
It is possible to launch the game on Xbox One and PS4. There can be some blocking issues that can prevent player from completing the game.

Below you can see one of the pieces of concept artwork included in the documents, showing various outfits and hairstyles for Triss.

If you plan on buying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt be aware that the design documents are out in the wild, and considering the spoilers they include, you can find yourself with the endings completely ruined if you aren’t careful.