The Witcher 3: “Something Big” Brewing; Tweaks To Triss’ Romance Incoming

The Witcher 3: “Something Big” Brewing; Tweaks To Triss’ Romance Incoming

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is demonstrating a quite fluid game, with updates and new content coming every week. After a brief sick leave, Community Coordinator Marcin Momot jumped back in the fray, teasing interesting things for the future on the official forums:

First of all, he mentioned that “something big” is coming, and will possibly be announced next week.

There was no additional stuff included this week. Just the dlc. There’s something big brewing and will be coming soon though. More info probably next week but no confirmations yet.

Secondly, he confirmed that the leaked DLC with Ciri’s new appearance that was briefly leaked and then withdrawn, simply wasn’t ready for prime time:

Ciri’s Zerrikanian outfit wasn’t meant to be out this week and it wasn’t fully ready (the files I mean, the design is final). Unfortunately it was published prematurely. We apologize for the confusion.

Lastly, he teased tweaks to Triss’ romance arc, that left some users unsatisfied, also clarifying that will involve small additions and tweaks.

“Just to let everyone know. We pay very close attention to everything you guys write in this thread. We will be addressing this situation by adding/changing some dialogue stuff in the future – more info on this will come later so pardon my scarce input for the time being. This should help with the immersion. And once again, thank you all for your valuable feedback.”

“I wouldn’t go as far as calling it new content. We will be implementing small additions and tweaks in character dialogues that should please many folks in this thread. :D”

Personally, I’m on the Yennefer camp. Those raven locks are just too alluring, but I’m glad to hear that those who love Triss are getting their dues.