The Witcher 3’s Geralt Finally Watched the Netflix Series (And Loves It)

The Witcher 3’s Geralt Finally Watched the Netflix Series (And Loves It)

The Witcher 3's own Geralt, Doug Cockle, loves the recently launched Netflix series due to the "talented cast" and a "lovingly realized" world.

The Witcher Netflix series is one of the most popular releases of 2019 and has garnered plenty of attention from fans. It’s so popular in fact that it’s caused a resurgence in The Witcher 3 the game — which hit over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, more players than during its launch.

And naturally this means that the series would catch the attention of those involved in the game as well. Doug Cockle, who plays as Geralt in the game, has finally succumb to Netflix series fever as shown in a status update on his Twitter account:


It’s great to see others, especially as someone as prominent as Cockle is, getting into the show and expressing how much they enjoyed it. I also appreciate the honesty in his tweet, that the infamous time jumps were challenging to adjust to but that he still loved the world and characters. Now we just need a cameo from him in season 2 and everything will be perfect.

Speaking of opinions, recently showrunner Hissrich addressed some criticisms of The Witcher in an extensive and informative Twitter thread about the creative process and how certain decisions are made when adapting any sort of media. She also announced a brand new podcast series coming, which will give fans a behind the scenes look at the production and crew responsible for making the show.

Henry Cavil, the actor who plays as main protagonist Geralt, loves The Witcher universe and strives to deliver the best possible performance. In a recent interview he explained that in terms of his involvement with the show, it was important for him to stay as “true to the lore as possible” for the role of Geralt and that “it was about bringing my love for the character to the show, as a fan.” He specifically had wanted the show to incorporate more of Geralt’s signs in order to highlight his abilities as a witcher and that “the audience must know he can do these things.”

It seems the series’s launch has had a positive affect on the games as video game industry analyst Benji-Sales reported that on December 23th, CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had hit a total concurrent player count of over 50,000 players on Steam. According to Steam Charts, the game is shown to have hit over 90,000 concurrent players when it launched back in May 2015. Since then the last noticeable spike in players was May and June 2016 when the final DLC, Blood and Wine, launched.

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