The Witcher 3’s Yennefer Mystifies in Lilac and Gooseberries Cloaked Cosplay

By Rachael Fiddis

August 12, 2021

“You flee my dream come the morning. Your scent – berries tart, lilac sweet.” – The Witcher 3

For anyone who has played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Yennefer of Vengerberg is most certainly an unforgettable woman. Playing as one of the main characters in The Witcher 3, Yennefer is ambitious, calculating, and uses people to her own advantage but even so, Geralt of Rivia falls helplessly in love with the sorceress, as do players, which plays out into a tangled love affair throughout the game.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer — Your Hunt Begins (Live Action Trailer)

The Witcher: Monster Slayer — Your Hunt Begins (Live Action Trailer)

If you also happen to follow the cosplay scene, you’ll have noticed a huge number enjoy nothing more than jumping into the shoes of their favourite Witcher character like Geralt, Ciri and, of course, the memorable Yennefer. Today’s cosplaying highlights come from Polish cosplayer and artist Belovedcosplay who portrays the sarcastic sorceress with ease.

Although never easy, donning a costume of any character takes much more than the stitching together of some materials. Truly being able to project who you’re slipping into takes immense talent and I think it’s fair to say, Belovedcosplay has that element nailed. Taking on the sorceress Yennefer, Beloved oozes sensuality and power.

Not only have they perfected Yennefer’s long, raven-coloured hair, but Beloved also wears her corset, knee-high boots, and luscious velvet cloak like it was made just for them. Matching Yennefer’s eyes, Beloved carries a violet bottle of potion on her hip which could be a cunning blend of Lilac and Gooseberry to work its magic on Geralt.

Make sure you check out all of Beloved’s cosplay adventures over on their Instagram and to keep us going until December 17 when The Witcher Season Two arrives on Netflix, check out our own review of The Witcher Season One here

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