The Witcher Stars Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan Attempt Henry Cavill’s Geralt Voice

The Witcher Stars Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan Attempt Henry Cavill’s Geralt Voice

Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan from Netflix's The Witcher attempted to perform Henry Cavill's deep Geralt voice in a humorous video.

There was a lot of concern surrounding Henry Cavill being cast as the protagonist of Netflix’s The Witcher. The internet wasn’t shy in expressing worries that he looks too pretty, or that the teaser seemed to show him as a Legolas cosplayer. Those who weren’t knowledgable about the books were crying about how he only has one sword strapped to his back, others were screaming at the missing scar across his face.

Everything seemed to change once the pre-release trailer went live, and then the actual series launched and suddenly there was praise echoing through the online chambers for Cavill’s take on Geralt of Rivera. People saying that he is Geralt, that he looks the part, his mannerisms fit the character, and of course, that he sounds great.

For those who haven’t seen the series yet, Henry Cavill talks in deep action-hero style whisper throughout, making him sound gritty and stern, somewhat stubborn too. As for his co-stars, Anya Chalotra who plays Yennefer, and Freya Allan who plays Ciri, the two have appeared in a video on Twitter doing their best impression of Henry Cavill’s Geralt voice.

From the video, the two seem to struggle to pull off the gruff voice in a rather humourous fashion. Somewhat resembling timid versions of Gollum rather than the white-haired witcher. This content kind of makes me want to see Cavill, Chalotra, and Allan on Twitter releasing a bunch of goofy behind-the-scenes, or off-the-scenes footage because they seem like a right laugh.

The Witcher released on Netflix earlier this month and has since increased the all-time concurrent player peak of 2015 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to over 94,000 players. That’s more than the 92,000 it hit at launch and even more than when we reported the rise in players the other week.