The Witcher Fan Gives Geralt the Womanly Touch in Magical Cosplay

January 21, 2022

The talented Jahara Jayde recreates Geralt from The Witcher in this iconic and stunning cosplay.

It’s been a very exciting time for Witcher fans lately, hasn’t it? Season two of the Netflix show was a massive hit with fans that quickly earned it as one of the streaming network’s top shows.

As for the game, you don’t need me to tell you how amazing it is. Sewn together with some of the most unique and unforgettable moments and stories, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a feast for players who yearn for adventure and depth to their gaming narratives.

With The Witcher 3‘s PlayStation 5 version targeting a second-quarter 2022 release, there will be even more to get excited about. But in the meantime, Jahara Jayde has an amazing Geralt cosplay to help whet your appetite.

Jahara Jayde is a Japanese tutor, Twitch partner and cosplayer from Arizona, USA. Over her cosplaying career, Jahara has taken on the likes of Rouge from Marvel’s X-Men, Zelda from Breath of the Wild and many, many more.

To commemorate the ending of Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2, Jahara steps into the shoes of the white wolf himself, Geralt of Rivia, and what an incredible job she has done. Check out those amazing mutated eyes!

Speaking about why she decided to take on Geralt as opposed to her other strong women characters, Jahara said on her Instagram “A MAN?!??!! Lol. I rarely, (almost never) cosplay men because I prefer to cosplay strong women. But I’m a DIEHARD Witcher fan and I couldn’t resist! Thinking of doing Ciri and Yennefer as well.”

We can’t wait to see her Yennefer or Ciri cosplay as if it’s anything like this one, Jahara will smash it to pieces.

If you’d like to keep up with Jahara’s next cosplaying adventure, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. She also goes live on Twitch if that’s more your style.


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