Henry Cavill Breaks Down the Blaviken Fight From the Witcher and Waffles About Swords

Henry Cavill goes into detail about The Witcher, explaining the swords used in the show as well as detailing to Blaviken fight scene.

As with most Netflix launches, special behind-the-scenes videos get released which gives viewers an insight into the production of their favourite shows or movies from Netflix. The new Shot By Shot video from Netflix features Henry Cavill breaking down the brilliant Blaviken Fight from The Witcher, while another video finds Cavill explaining the Witcher’s swords.

In the Shot By Shot video, Cavill shares some details on how shots were created, the meanings, and some interesting trivia. For example, for the crossbow bolt deflection, he explains that the shot was created to make the audience feel in the moment and as if the bolt was going to hit them. He also reveals that the sword he used was at half-length which allowed for more moves to be performed, but they have to act as if the sword is full length.

Cavill confirms that the fight was all done in one take, but there was an option to film it with multiple angles. When Renfri joins the fight, Cavill states that the actress, Emma Appleton trained for 3-4 weeks every day, the result was that both of them during the fight were performing incredibly close strikes.

The director behind the fight scene took to Reddit to answer questions about the show and included some details about the fight which you can read here.

In the other video, Henry Cavill presents once again to talk about Geralt’s swords in The WitcherHe begins by talking about the steel sword by going into his Witcher lore, stating the steel sword is designed to kill both men and monsters and created from meteorite. The addition of Renfri’s brooch acts as Geralt’s reminder to not get involved in the affairs of men.

He introduces the silver sword, the sword used to deal deadly blows to a monster. He explains that Geralt keeps this sword on Roach, his horse. He also explains how the swords have no special powers and that the true power comes from a Witcher’s training.

He also goes into detail about the sword used on set, explaining that he requested for a redesign of the hilt, giving it its down-angle look so that he could give him enough space to perform manoeuvres when turning his wrist. He also reveals a lightweight version of the sword was used for most combat, rubber swords for close-to-face combat, and cut-down swords for CGI purposes

The Witcher has been incredibly popular for Netflix, not only is it on track to become one of Netflix’s highest viewed season one show, but it also started a chain reaction of Witcher popularity across different mediums. The publisher of the books had to reprint an additional 500,000 books to meet demand, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt saw it’s highest ever concurrent player count since the game first launched years ago.

You can watch the first season of The Witcher on Netflix. A second season has started production after already being commissioned for a second season before the first aired. An animated Witcher film is also heading to the streaming platform.

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