The Witcher Netflix Series Gets a Remarkably Stylish Fan-Made Poster

The Witcher Netflix Series Gets a Remarkably Stylish Fan-Made Poster

With the upcoming series set to debut later this year, artist Jaren Hemphill made a stylish poster to celebrate Netflix's The Witcher series.

While the series has already cultivated a large fanbase from the original book series and the massively popular games from CD Projekt Red, The Witcher series is about to get even bigger with the eagerly anticipated Netflix series on the horizon. With the series set to debut sometime later this year, one artist created an impressive poster that could easily be an official poster in its own right.

Artist Jaren Hemphill created this sleek and stylish illustrated fan-made poster as a way of celebrating Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series, with the black, red, and white poster featuring the one-and-only Geralt of Rivia, set to be portrayed by Henry Cavill in the show.

We recently got our best look yet at Netflix’s upcoming series at San Diego Comic Con, where the series’ very first trailer made its debut with footage of Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and several of the other characters set to make their appearance in the show’s first season. While it remains to be seen what the actual show will look like until it premieres, we’re still pretty excited by what we saw from the very first trailer.

The upcoming TV adaptation of The Witcher will be heading to Netflix sometime later this year. For a closer look at the fan-made art for the series from Jaren Hemphill, you can check out the full poster below: