The Witcher Netflix Series First Official Images and Poster Unveiled

Get your first extensive look at Netflix's take on The Witcher with all of these new images.

While it’s set to debut later this year, we had yet to see really anything about Netflix’s upcoming series based on The Witcher games and novels. Luckily, that lack of anything substantial finally changed this morning as a whole slew of new images for the series finally arrived.

As released by Netflix and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich this morning, The Witcher series has now seen a variety of new pictures that all prominently feature many of the iconic characters from the franchise. Geralt of Rivia, who is played by Henry Cavill, received three new images in total that highlight his look in the series. We’ve seen Cavill’s look for The Witcher in the past, but previously, many had concerns with his appearance. Judging from the new stills that we have today though, Cavill’s take on Geralt looks much better, at least in my own opinion.

Alongside Geralt, we also got our first-ever look at both Yennefer and Ciri today, who are being played by Anya Cholatra and Freya Allan respectively. Each character’s look continues to match up pretty well with how we know them to be. Personally, I really like the costume designs of each character, especially Yennefer and Geralt.

Lastly, there are a variety of other images that were released today as well. These take the form of a new poster for The Witcher Netflix series in addition to a logo and a few various symbols that fans of The Witcher will certainly find cool. If you want to check out all of these pictures, you can find them in the gallery down below.

Currently, we don’t have a release date for The Witcher on Netflix, but it is slated to drop sometime before the end of the year. Considering Netflix is now finally starting to show more of this series as of today, hopefully, it won’t be long until we know for ourselves when we’ll be able to watch it.

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