The Witcher on Track to Be Netflix's Biggest Season One Series Ever

Netflix has released its Q4 2019 earnings report and says that The Witcher is on track to be its biggest season one TV series ever.

The Witcher landed on Netflix in December 2019, and as Netflix pushed its earnings report from Q4 2019 in a shareholders letter, it details how successful the show has been and the influence it has had on other mediums along with viewing figures.

Netflix states that The Witcher is “tracking to be our biggest season one TV series ever.” It details that in the first four weeks of release 76m member households had “chose to watch” the show. That’s more than the 73m households that chose to watch The Crown series since it launched on Netflix in 2016. As for films, 6 Underground which stars Ryan Reynolds saw 83 million households tuning in.

The shareholder letter details that when it mentions “chose to watch” it specifically means that Netflix subscribers have watched at least 2-minutes, which Netflix deems as long enough to indicate the choice to watch was intentional.

The report also touches on how the show ramped up sales for the books and the games. The demand for books prompted the publisher to reprint an extra 500,000 copies. Additionally, the popular CD Projekt RED title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt —which is set after the Netflix series’ timeline— saw its highest-ever concurrent player count since its release in 2015.

It also mentions the popularity of the “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” song that features in one episode as a full track. The song has ramped up 1.42m plays on the official Soundcloud page with numerous YouTube videos with over 1m views as well as various covers of the song in different styles.

There’s also a look at the Google Trends statistics that show how The Witcher was the most searched term alongside other popular shows: The Mandalorian, Morning Show, and Jack Ryan.

The Witcher has started production for season 2 which is aiming to launch in 2021. There are also reports that an animated film is to launch before the release of season 2.

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