Netflix Teases the Witcher with a Fight Scene from the Show

Netflix Teases the Witcher with a Fight Scene from the Show

A brand new clip from Netflix's The Witcher series has been shared by the official account showing off a slashy-flashy fight scene.

The Netflix adaption of The Witcher is growing closer to its December 20 launch date, so it’s fair that Netflix is teasing excited fans a fair amount. We’ve already seen the company reveal the titles of the episodes for season 1, and we know that a second season has already been greenlit. It was also revealed that Henry Cavill, the actor playing the silver-haired Geralt, was “living and breathing The Witcher” even before he was cast to play the protagonist.

Yesterday, Netflix released a clip showing off a fight scene taking place in which Geralt takes on numerous armored soldiers within the walls of a castle. The clip features grumpy-faced Geralt performing devastating blows to the soldiers and doing so in quick succession. As a tease, the clip does its job in getting me excited for the episodes to finally arrive.

Users in the comments have however been calling to light the lack of gore in the clip and have concerns with how the final show is going to be portrayed based on this clip alone. It’s possible that the gore was cut due to being too explicit to show on social media, it’s also possible the final show won’t have as much gore, at least maybe not in that scene.

you can find the clip below. What do you make of the choreography shown here? I personally think that Geralt looks great, almost as if I’m watching someone mash the light attack button continuously.

Also, thanks to a comment, I wish to direct your attention to a fantastic moment in the clip at 0:15 seconds in when the camera pans over to the left. Watch the two men behind Geralt at the chairs. Look at that vigorous shaking of the body that’s going on.