The Witcher: Total War Fan Mod is Attempting to Turn the Series Into a Strategy Game

Between the RPGs and TV show, The Witcher: Total War mod might just scratch that itch for series fans looking to try it as a strategy game.

In case you hadn’t noticed, The Witcher series is certainly having its moment in the spotlight. This of course is no small thanks to the recent release of the long-awaited Netflix adaptation of the book series, and if you couldn’t get enough of the series in your life, a new fan mod is attempting to bring it into a whole new style of gameplay with The Witcher: Total War.

Over on Mod DB (via PC Gamer), a new fan mod has appeared for The Witcher: Total War, which is taking a stab at turning the massively popular series into a strategy game experience. The project itself is a total conversion mod for Medieval II: Total War, and according to its developers, The Witcher: Total War will “let you play as your favourite factions from both the Witcher books, games and comics (and soon to be released Netflix series), taking heavy inspiration from all mediums, featuring very recognisable characters and settlements.”

According to a developer diary blog post from its creators, the team is starting out small with the mod by focusing on three core playable factions–Redania, the Nilfgaardian Empire, and Novigrad–on a map that encompasses Velen and Novigrad. Over time, once the three factions are in a finalized and playable state, the team plans to release a demo to give players an idea of the overall experience of The Witcher: Total War and how the series could be adapted to an RTS format.

Beyond that, the team developing The Witcher: Total War hopes to expand into other regions from the series (such as the Northern Realms), and eventually hopes to incorporate as many as 29 different factions. Other ideas that the development team is planning to include are the various Witcher schools, which each would feature their own unique skillets and abilities for players to utilize on the battlefield.

While The Witcher series has already been adapted into the trilogy of acclaimed RPGs by CD Projekt Red, the series has certainly been no stranger to other types of gaming experiences beyond them. There of course is The Witcher Adventure Game that adapts CD Projekt Red’s board game based on the series, while Gwent took the popular mini-game from The Witcher 3 and spun it off into its own experience on consoles, PC, and most recently mobile. Finally, last year saw the release of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, which started out as the single-player campaign for Gwent before eventually being turned into its own standalone experience.

Given that we haven’t yet seen a strategy game-style experience from The Witcher series just yet, the core concept of The Witcher: Total War sounds incredibly interesting and a worthwhile expansion of the lore and characters that we have come to know so well across the various books, games, and other pieces of media it has inspired. Of course, the mod is being developed by a small team of just three as a passion project, so it might just be a while before we actually see it come to fruition. It certainly might not hurt to load up another save of The Witcher 3 while you wait.

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