The Witcher Twitter Account Shared Some Excellent Zoom Backgrounds

The Witcher Twitter Account Shared Some Excellent Zoom Backgrounds

The Witcher Twitter account has supplied us with some beautiful background photos that we can use to spice up our Zoom meetings.

Many of you out there have begun to work from home with the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means awkward Zoom meetings that inevitably end up with someone talking over someone else. Well, The Witcher Twitter account has supplied some great backgrounds of Kaer Morhen and other areas around its lavish world that might make those meetings a little more bearable.

In the pictures below, you can grab some jpg’s of Kaer Morhen, the island of Skellige, and other beautiful locations. You can grab one of the pictures in the attached Tweet.


Every time I replay this game my favorite areas of the world tend to change. At first, the mountains of Skellige were by far the most memorable places to explore. Then on the next playthrough, completing sidequests in the bustling city of Novigrad took the crown. Each time I play The Witcher 3, I find another area I maybe didn’t appreciate enough the first go around. Maybe that is just a testament to how great the game is.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass. If you somehow have still yet to play this masterpiece, you need to change that as soon as possible. On top of that, the game features two extremely well-crafted expansions that can each add about 40 hours of gameplay.