Allow The Witcher’s Jaskier to Soothingly Read You the First Book of The Witcher Series

Allow The Witcher’s Jaskier to Soothingly Read You the First Book of The Witcher Series

Sit back, relax and enjoy The Witcher's Jaskier as he reads you an excerpt from the “The Edge of the World”, from Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish

It goes without saying that many of us right now are pretty stressed. After what feels like an eternity of being inside, stress levels can get out of hand. Thankfully though we have video games (what the hell do non-gamers do?) to see us through the darker moments and take us away from the harsh reality for a spell. Another great outlet is listening to something that will help ease our minds and if you’re a Witcher fan, I have the perfect remedy to help you unwind. Joey Batey who plays Jaskier in Netflix’s The Witcher sits down to read us 15 minutes of the first book of The Witcher series, ‘The Last Wish’.

The Witcher was an unexpectedly popular hit when it debuted late last year on Netflix, and now, while we’re stuck waiting for the second season to arrive, the humble bard graces are ears as he begins reading an excerpt from the framing story for “The Edge of the World”, from Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, a story that appeared in the show’s second episode, Witcher. Joey Batey who portrays the fan-favorite Jaskier in the show and also for his earworm of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” enthusiastically narrates the collection of short stories that introduces the world and the story’s main characters and it’s highly amusing. The only fault I can pick out is that it just didn’t last long enough.

We’ve already seen The Witcher’s Henry Cavill who plays Geralt of Rivia do his part in reading the series also but how cool would it be if we had them both at the same time – on the same couch? Maybe this could be a regular thing that Netflix could provide fans on a frequent basis.

If you can’t get enough of The Witcher‘s Geralt and Yennefer and also enjoy anime, you’ll probably enjoy Illustrator and concept artist Carolina Oliveira’s recreation of the pair as anime characters among other familiar faces from the hit Netflix show. If you also enjoy a bit of mobile gaming, CD Projekt Red announced in March that Android users can finally get in on the action and give Gwent: The Witcher Card Game a go. The Android version of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a turn-based card game between two players, with each game taking three rounds. Each player must play one card each turn from a deck of at least twenty-five cards. Each deck belongs to a faction that offers different play styles. As someone who’s pretty much addicted to it, I can say that I’m really enjoying it quite a lot.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.