The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct Has More Wonderful Information Than You Can Shake a Stick At

The Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct Has More Wonderful Information Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Fans looked forward to today’s The Wonderful 101 themed Nintendo Direct, and they were not disappointed. There was a ton of new information and even a brand new, incredibly epic trailer to finish things off. The Wonderful 101 will be coming to North America on September 15th.

We first learn about the process behind the heroes rescuing civilians and then empowering them. Any civilians in trouble will shout “Help!” and have the same word appear above their heads. Using the GamePad, draw a circle around the distressed civies to save them. You can also imbue them with Wonder Energy in order to make them into heroes as well. This is vital because the more allies you have, the stronger your normal attacks and Unite Forms are.

Speaking of which, each Unite Form has a special use and is performed using a different motion on the GamePad. Unite Hand is activated by drawing a circle and the technique is mainly for attacking one large enemy. Unite Gun is activated by drawing a right angle and is excellent for attacking aerial enemies. Unite Whip is activated by drawing a wavy line and is the only special that can remove spiky armor from foes. Unite Sword is activated by drawing a straight line and works best when the heroes are surrounded by enemies. Additionally, by acquiring certain skills, the player would be capable of creating up to five Unite Forms at once.

There’s also a normal attack called Team Attack, which has all heroes attacking the enemy at once. Team Attack is really useful because if enough allies use it, they start to stick on the foe and immobilize them, in what’s called a Climb Attack. This opens up the floor for the slow-moving Unite Form to be used without being countered.

Wonderful101 (7)

The heroes aren’t just combat machines either–the player can also have them use their abilities to perform certain feats, like drawing a straight line on a building to make them climb it, becoming the parts necessary to complete a structure (a bridge for instance) or even making them into a hang-glider to glide across certain hazards.

The Wonderful Mart is where the player can purchase skills and other power-ups to strengthen the heroes or give them even more cool abilities, like the Unite Spring that would allow them to dodge attacks or Unite Shield to block them instead. These skills and power-ups can be purchased with the currency O Parts.

Not only will 101 be fun the first time around, it will have some nice replayability value, due to a ranking given at the end of each mission. The fun is in figuring out how to combine the various Unite Forms and Team Attack to create an effective combo.

Finally, the trailer they aired at the end was seven and a half minutes of awesome, introducing a multitude of support characters, two new Wonder heroes–Wonder White, who uses Unite Claw, and Wonder Black, a tech genius that uses Unite Bomb–the obligatory adorable child mascot Luca, and lots and lots of gameplay and spoilerific cutscenes. Also, we now know that Wonder Yellow (who wields the Unite Hammer) is shy and gets easily flustered.

The trailer has been posted below, but since I can’t embed the entire Nintendo Direct right now, you can access it on Youtube yourself by going here.