PlatinumGames Once Again Teases The Wonderful 101 Port for Nintendo Switch

PlatinumGames Once Again Teases The Wonderful 101 Port for Nintendo Switch

A new photo featuring Hideki Kamiya is once again either a tease or a playful joke at The Wonderful 101 returning to the Nintendo Switch.

Since its release, the Nintendo Switch has not only delivered a ton of incredible exclusives over the years, but has also acted a way to revitalize the library of its predecessor, the Wii U. One of the Wii U’s lesser-known games, The Wonderful 101, is a title that fans have been clamoring for a Switch port over for some time. While no official announcement has come just yet on those prospects, PlatinumGames once again is teasing that the game may wind up coming to Switch, or at least giving fans a bit of hope at the possibility.

A new photo from the PlatinumGames Twitter account features some behind-the-scenes shots from the studio’s office in Japan with Hideki Kamiya. However, if you take a closer look at the photo, the two things that will obviously stick out the most are the fact that the time on the computer that Kamiya is near says “1:01” (and the date is “10/1”), along with the Nintendo Switch casually laying down next to Kamiya.

That of course has led to fan speculation that PlatinumGames may once again be teasing a port of The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch, and it seems like the studio is having some fun with that in the photo. However, this isn’t the first time that a port of the cult action game has been teased, such as this teaser photo from over two years ago.

The Wonderful 101 originally released on the Wii U in August 2013 from PlatinumGames, and while the game itself received positive reviews, it was a known commercial disappointment with low sales. We happened to like the game quite a bit when it first released, and despite its low sales at launch, it has maintained a bit of a cult following since then.

Given that the Nintendo Switch has already had a ton of the Wii U’s library ported over in the past three years, including just recently with Tokyo Mirage SessionsThe Wonderful 101 is one of the few notable Wii U games that has yet to make it over to the Switch. With Platinum having teased it so many times now, we can only hope that one day the heroes of The Wonderful 101 can finally be rediscovered for a new audience on the Switch.