The World Ends With You Anime – Episode 1 Funimation Release Date and Time

Square Enix and Studio Domerica will start the broadcast of The World Ends With You The Animation, the anime adaptation of TWEWY, this Friday, April 9 – we’ve got the trailer preview of episode 1 alongside its release time and date below.

TWEWY The Animation will be reimagining the story of the 2007 Nintendo DS Action JRPG. The first episode will be closely following the game’s intro judging from the preview spoiler summary on the official site:

Neku, our protagonist, wakes up in Underground – the parallel dimension overlapping Shibuya- and gets a mysterious mail: “Get to 104, or you’ll be erased in the Reaper’s Game”. Confused, Neku suddenly gets attacked by the Noise, monsters with animal features.

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Beat and Rhyme, and several other main characters, will make an appearance in episode 1 too.

TWEWY Anime Episode 1 Preview video

Note that the anime will be using 3DCG to animate the Noise, which might not be the cup of tea of every anime fan.

TWEWY anime episode 1 Release time and date

The World Ends With You The Animation is first broadcast in Japan on TBS and MBS, April 10, at 01:25 JST. That’s also when Funimation will be releasing the episode in America. Converting to other time zones, you get April 9 12:25 PM ET / 9:25 AM PT / 17:25 GMT.

Square Enix will also make a new announcement for Neo: The World Ends With You shortly before episode 1 of the anime. We’ll be sure to tell you what happens as soon as possible.

If you’d like to try out TWEWY yourself while waiting for episode 1: if you have access to a Nintendo DS or 3DS, you should play the original. If not, you can try out The World Ends With you Final Remix on Switch, which is obviously more accessible, but has an incredibly watered down battle system compared to the original.

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