The World Ends With You Anime - Episode 5 Release Date and Time, Spoilers

The World Ends With You anime episode 5 release time

By Iyane Agossah

May 7, 2021

TWEWY The Animation is continuing with episode 5, overall going through the same Neku x Joshua parts of the original game, the JRPG The World Ends With You, famous for its music, its stylus-based gameplay, and cool visuals by Tetsuya Nomura – here’s the release date and time of the anime on Funimation, alongside the preview spoilers, screenshots and trailer.

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Why Sony Hates Crossplay (But Allows it Anyway)
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  • NEO TWEWY – Release date on PS4, Switch, PC, latest trailer

The World Ends With You The Animation Episode 5 spoilers

As usual, we translated the preview spoilers from the official site. Keep in mind my translations might use different spellings than what’s you’re used to for certain names and terms.

“Neku and Joshua visit Café Wild Cat on Cat Street. The shop actually belongs to Hanekoma, who helped Neku many times during his first Reaper Game. Hanekoma most notable give a piece of advice to Neku, and tells him to “fully enjoy the present”. On the other hand, game master Minamimoto goes missing, and a new type of Noise, the Forbidden Noise, appears, and start attacking not only the reaper game’s participants, but the Reapers themselves as well.”

TWEWY anime episode 5 preview screenshots

Episode 5 preview trailer

The World Ends With You Anime episode 5 release time and date

The World Ends With You The Animation first airs each week in Japan, on channels TBS and MBS, Friday, at 25:25 JST / 12:25 PM ET / 18:25 CEST.

Meanwhile, the episode will be simulcast in America at:

  • Eastern Time: 1:25 PM ET on Friday, May 7
  • Pacific Time: 10:25 AM PT on Friday, May 7
  • Central Time: 12:25 PM CDT on Friday, May 7
  • British Time: 6:25 PM BST on Friday, May 7
  • European Time: 19:25 CEST on Friday, May 7
  • Australia Time: 03:25 AM ACST on Saturday, May 8

Where to watch the TWEWY anime

The World Ends With You The Animation is simulcasted by Funimation in America. Every episode also becomes available for free exactly one week after release. You can either wait for it, or get a premium account.

Keep in mind the brand new game, Neo: The World Ends with You, will be a direct sequel to this anime. The game will take place three years after the anime’s ending, with several returning characters.

Neo TWEWY launches on PS4, Switch worldwide on July 27, 2021. The game is also coming to PC via Epic Games Store in Summer 2021.

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