The World Ends With You is Possibly Teasing New Project at Anime Expo Lite

Due to new official artwork, fans are speculating that a new project for The World Ends With You is coming.

May 27, 2020

Since the release of The World Ends With You back on the original Nintendo DS, it has amassed a cult following who have hoped that one day it will get a sequel. Surprisingly enough we got the remastered port on the Nintendo Switch back in 2018 which led to some speculation that a sequel was in the works. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, there could be a chance of some news regarding the beloved title at the upcoming Anime Expo Lite.

Due to Coronavirus, Anime Expo which normally takes place in Los Angeles is moving to a digital approach this year called Anime Expo Lite. The planned program guide specifically happens to feature new artwork of the cast of The World Ends With You as well as Ai and Xeno, the mascots of Anime Expo. This could all be for nothing, but The World Ends With You is such as specific IP that most wouldn’t consider mainstream that having it be the cover of the guide is causing people to raise eyebrows and speculate that some project whether it be an anime or game is in the works. Anime Expo has stated via twitter that the art was a collaboration project.

Anime Expo Lite is a free Livestream event taking place online on July 3rd and 4th where we will likely see new anime and game announcements. For updates regarding Anime Expo Lite you can follow their official Twitter. We will be sure to update you if any news releases during the event.

Cameron Hawkins

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