The World Ends With You Returns to iOS App Store After Four-Month Hiatus

June 27, 2015

As a particularly beloved title from the Nintendo DS era, Square Enix’s The World Ends With You provided a distinctive combat system perfectly suited to touchscreen devices: while the iOS version of the game has been absent from the App Store for some time, those looking to jump back into the cult classic or dive in for the first time can now do so once again.

Publisher Square Enix has restored the iOS version of The World Ends With You following the game’s removal from the online store four months ago due to technical issues, with the title incompatible with the latest version of iOS and unplayable for months.


However, following the four-month hiatus from the App Store, a new version of the game has been restored (Version 1.2.1) with full compatibility with iOS 8: The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is available again on the App Store for $17.99.

The World Ends With You is available for DS and iOS.

Ryan Meitzler

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