The World of Replika Takes Shape

The World of Replika Takes Shape


The world of PlayStation Network title Replika is being revealed before our very eyes. First we met the main character now we have been handed down the Seven Laws of MockBa which all citizens of the Volgan Empire must abide by at all times. Read more and check out the radical government enforcement in this game then be thankful that you do not live in the Volgan Empire… yet!

The Septagrammaticus or Seven Laws of MockBa

–          Every citizen shall abide by the laws of the Septagrammaticus. It is also the duty of every citizen to enforce and preserve these laws, effectively denouncing any suspicious citizen or activity.

–          It is the duty of every citizen to pursue better performance and higher productivity through the use of cyber-prosthesis. Any citizen that can apply cyber-prosthesis must do so.

–          It is the duty of every citizen to pursue order and harmony through the consumption of Hypnodo™. A happier society is a more productive society.

–          All media content must bear the seal of approval from the Septagram Council. All media not bearing this seal of approval is to be considered malevolent propaganda and should be denounced.

–          The use of computers or of any devices capable of accessing communication networks is strictly forbidden.

–          Any contact with alien individuals or enemy countries is strictly forbidden.

–          Failure to comply with these laws is an act of high treason and the sole punishment, with no right to trial, is the death penalty.