The World Tournament Comes to Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The World Tournament Comes to Dragon Ball Xenoverse

It’s time for the greatest fighting tournament. The World Tournament is finally coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse and its got some killer prizes for the World Champion.

Bandai Namco announced a new mode in Dragon Ball Xenoverse where fighters can compete with each other online to become World Champion.

The World Tournament will appear in three phases. The Beta Test, The Qualification Rounds and the Final Rounds:


Aug 18-23
During this time you’ll have access to the World Tournament. However, it is only for test purposes. While there will be no winners, feel free to practice your skills!

Aug 25-30
Time to get your ranking up by winning as many fights as you can during this period! The 4 top players will qualify for the final rounds.

Sept 5-12
Finalists will face off to be the champion of the World Tournament! All fights will be recorded and displayed on the Dragon Ball Xenoverse official YouTube channel.

All you have to do is sign up for the tournament at the World Tournament reception in-game and win as many fights as possible in the qualifications rounds in order to move on to the finals.

The champions on each platform with receive Hercule’s Badge, Seven Dragon Balls and Bandai Namco will actually create themes and backgrounds using the champions’ fighter.