The Wraith in Evolve Will Scoop you Away if You’re not Looking

The Wraith in Evolve Will Scoop you Away if You’re not Looking

Oh great, more giant monsters. The latest monster reveal for Evolve brings us the Wraith. The tables have turned on the Hunters.

The Wraith is considered a more difficult monster to play since she has pretty low health. Turtle Rock describes exactly what kind of devastating abilities the Wraith can inflict on those poor Hunters.

Her abilities make up for how fragile she is. If you combine them and use them creatively you can do some amazing things. Like: Supernova and Abduction combo. Wraith is ultra-powerful when inside of the Supernova cloud, but smart Hunters will simply jetpack out of the cloud to counter. The Wraith can nullify that counter with Abduction to pull the Hunter back in. Another great example is decoy. Yes it can help you get away. Yes it will attack Hunters for you. But you can use it to get into position for a Stealth Pounce and do real damage.

In other Evolve news As it turns out Evolve can be played solo offline as a Hunter or Monster.

Check out the video below if you’re curious on how the Wraith plays. The Wraith focuses on deception and quick hit and run attacks in order to take out the Hunters.

Evolve is out February 10th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. There’s also another open Beta on the Xbox One coming January 15-19. PC and PS4 owners who took part in the Big Alpha should check their email around that time for a chance to participate in what Turtle Rock is calling a technical test which is a essentially a closed beta.