The Zelda You Wish You Had

on January 28, 2010 10:42 AM

The one thing that any Legend of Zelda fan wished they had this generation of gaming is an HD version of the series. But, we all know how stubborn Nintendo is when it comes to things hardcore gamers actually want. We’re a long way’s off before we’re able to witness Link in a high-definition adventure because of the Wii’s current hardware limitations. That doesn’t mean, though, that some people don’t have some sort of hope, right?

Below, I’ve posted some images generated by an avid Zelda fan, Ryu-Gi, using Garry’s Mod – a PC utility which enables users to import and edit game characters with Valve’s famouse Source engine. Those of you who’ve played Twilight Princess will be undoubtedly familiar with the character models which Ryu-Gi used to re-create the high-def world we’ve been longing for some time. Take a look, my fellow fans. Take a look and witness the beauty that could have been had Nintendo not conformed to an SD console in a generation pushing HD.


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