Theater Mechanicus Genshin Impact 2.6 Best Fortune Sticks and Towers Tier List

Our guide to help you clear the Tower Defense Theater Mechanicus stages of Genshin 2.6

April 10, 2022

Here’s our guide to help you with the new Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Brilliance of Genshin Impact 2.6, so you can get all the rewards and Primogems in the Hues of the Violet Garden event, most notably with a tier list of the new Sticks and Towers.

Theater Mechanicus, the Tower Defense minigame and probably one of the best minigames in Genshin Impact, is back in Version 2.6 Hues of the Violet Garden. This time there are four different stages, each with a Normal difficulty – Show of Force -, and a Hard difficulty – Enter the Horde -. You need to earn at least 1500 points in each difficulty to get all the Primos.


Genshin Impact Theather Mechanicus 2.6 Guide, Main Changes

  • This time the main change compared to past Theater Mechanicus events is how we pick our Fortune and Mystic Stick upgrades before the stage begins.
  • There are no pauses in the waves of enemies as you don’t upgrade your towers midway, making stages faster.
  • The stage will end once a set amount of enemies have spawned, whether you stopped them or not.
  • There’s no time limit.
  • There’s no limit to how many enemies can pass through anymore.

Whither the Wind Wends

Each stage is different, and in the first stage, the best strategy is to focus on dropping enemies into the void, by making the Adeptus bridges disappear. More and more Ruin Guards and Geovishaps will spawn at some point and dropping them will be your best shot at defeating them fast.

Fortune Sticks and Towers (Veneficus Mechanici) Tier List

  • S – Furious Discharge (Electro tower)
  • A – Inferno (Pyro tower)
  • B – Dust Devil (Anemo tower), Banishment

These are the towers I recommend focusing on and getting the Fortune Sticks of. I feel like now that you can pick the Fortune Sticks to upgrade the Electro Tower from the start, they’re much more useful and powerful. I’ve personally never really liked prioritizing Banishment tower as you can use Anemo Traveler, Sucrose, or Venti to similarly delay enemies. So my own strategy is to dismantle some of them to put in Pyro or Electro towers instead. I’m sure it isn’t the best strategy, and I suck at Theater Mechanicus, but it works to get your 1500 points.

As the stage progresses and as you gain more points and can build more towers, make sure to place back some Banishments towers though. And be sure to pick the right Mystic Sticks too before the stage.

Mystic Sticks

Mystic Sticks are unique to each stage, with bonuses perfectly geared for that one stage, and they’ll definitely be useful in this new Theater Mechanicus. These are the Sticks I picked for Whither the Wind Wends in Enter the Horde difficulty.

Mystic Sticks and Fortune Sticks in Whither the Wind Wends enter the horde

General Strategy and Which Party Members to Pick

Use Anemo Traveler and Sucrose or Venti to delay enemies, Kaeya and Barbara to freeze enemies. Sucrose and Sword characters like Kaeya are good as you can push back small enemies with their Charged Attack too. Be careful of the Geovishaps that spawn near the end of the stage, as they’re very fast and if you wait too much to make the bridge disappear, they’ll come across. Try to drop enemies as much as possible as you’ll get more points. Remember to focus your towers on the right side, since there are no bridges to drop enemies from on that side. You should be able to reach at least 1500 points without much trouble this way.

Iyane Agossah

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