Theater Mechanicus Guide - Early Stages Strategy, Tips Explained

Here are some tips to help you clear the first Theater Mechanicus stages in Inazuma

By Iyane Agossah

August 12, 2021

The Theater Mechanicus tower defense event is back in Genshin Impact, having crossed the sea from Liyue to Inazuma, and it’s pretty different now, here’s a guide and some tips to help. You might need some help for Stage 2 Wave 4 in particular.

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Character Demo – “Sayu: Yoohoo Art, Mujina Escape” | Genshin Impact

Theater Mechanicus guide – New gameplay mechanic: Wondrous Sticks explained

When Theater Mechanicus first happened in Version 1.3 and the Lantern Rite Festival, you could upgrade your towers in a menu outside the stages. Now, you can only upgrade your defenses when playing a stage itself. And the upgrades reset after the stage ends. You upgrade the Mechanicus by using the Wondrous Sticks system.

Genshin Impact Wondrous Sticks

The Wondrous Sticks menu always has three Sticks listed, and you can only pick one. It includes various upgrades, all linked to a certain type of tower. You can for example increase the range, firepower, or AOE of a certain tower. Unless you pick a Stick, the next three Sticks will not appear. You can also skip all three and redraw new Sticks, but it’ll cost you 50 points after three free draws.

You can keep drawing sticks indefinitely as long as you have points left. So be sure to keep doing it continuously, even during waves. Be careful of Ominous Sticks though.

Ominous Sticks are cheaper, but will inflict you some negative effect. Such as lowering the ATK level of a certain type of tower, randomly destroying a tower, etc. It’s best to pick these at the very beginning. Keep in mind there’s also an achievement for picking 5 Ominous Sticks in a single stage. Note that you can check the list of all Sticks in the event menu.

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Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus achievements

Theater Mechanicus stages tips, strategy

You need to be careful of the fast-running mobs. Be sure to confirm which enemies will appear before each wave. Note that you can open the enemy preview window at any time. If you play with a controller, it’s the down d-pad arrow after opening the shortcuts.

Opening the wave and monsters preview

Keep in mind you can delay mobs with an Anemo character like Sucrose, Venti, or the Traveler. (Don’t forget to go back to a Mondstadt Statue of the Seven to switch back to Anemo.) You can also stun enemies even if you don’t damage them.

Tandem Mine was the most useful Mechanicus in the first version. Looks like it works pretty well here too. I recommend using mines as much as possible as soon as you unlock them. Don’t be afraid to immediately replace Mines and Binders that have just exploded. If you’re fast enough, you can replace them before the same mob steps on it again.

Lastly, Stage 2 wave 4 is definitely a difficulty spike you might have trouble with. The best strategy is to is to install at least two Charity Mechanicus, the ones which slow downs enemies, and to upgrade their AOE and slow down effect as much as you can with Sticks. Also, note that you can’t pull Sticks for the Hydro and Cryo mechanicus in Stage 2, so don’t bother setting any.

That’s all my tips so far for the first stages of Theater Mechanicus. You should manage to clear all available stages keeping all this in mind. Stay tuned as we’ll publish similar guides as the Event continues with new stages.

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