Theatrhythm Final Fantasy September DLC Announced

on August 30, 2012 9:51 AM

Square Enix has announced the upcoming schedule of DLC for their 3DS music game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

The schedule for September DLC is:

September 6th

  • “The Extreme” Final Fantasy VIII
  • “Esper Battle” Final Fantasy XII
  • “Fight 2” Final Fantasy IV
  • “Dungeon” Final Fantasy II

September 13th

  • “The Castle” Final Fantasy VIII
  • “The Battle for Freedom” Final Fantasy XII
  • “Undersea Shrine” Final Fantasy
  • “What Becomes of US” Final Fantasy: Type-0

September 20th

  • “Force Your Way” Final Fantasy VIII
  • “Ragnarok” Final Fantasy XI
  • “Matoya’s Cave” Final Fantasy
  • “Tower of Mages” Final Fantasy II

Each add-on will be available for $0.99 each. Also announced today was a demo for the game that is available today on the Nintendo eShop. Those that have not tried the game out yet have a great opportunity to and owners of the game have a ton more great songs coming out for the game. Now just get some Crisis Core tunes and Square Enix will be talking my kind of music.


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