The*gameHERs Awards Shines Light on Marginalized Creators

By Dom Bancey

September 14, 2021

Most, if not all, awards in the gaming community showcase the same names and faces. However, The*gameHERs Awards is hoping to shed a well-needed light on creators who don’t show up on those lists.

The*gameHERs is a space where “women who game, connect” and also a place that honors marginalized genders, and non-binary gamers. The awards are based on a nomination system. Anyone can nominate someone in a category and then a member of the team contacts that individual which makes it easier for smaller and marginalized creators to be noticed.

Rogue Company | Rogue Reveal: Runway Trailer

Rogue Company | Rogue Reveal: Runway Trailer


Some of these women may not be as popular as the bigger names heard all the time, however, a community like this is what will put them on the map.

Ninjayla cosplaying as legend Lifeline from Apex Legends
  • Next on the list and another well-deserved nomination is A_TypicalQueer (they/she). They began to make more of a name for themselves as they pushed and created a voice for Black creators. They were one of the main faces who advocated for Twitch to create a Black tag. A_TypicalQueer plays a variety of games but is oftentimes found playing Rogue Company with fellow QueerSauce co-founder, ShineyPen.


With the influx of categories, there are many women nominees on the list.

  • Another outstanding woman featured on the list is BlissKai. She plays Apex Legends, sometimes even playing with Ninjayla. She also tries to vary her content by playing Valorant and other game that catches her interest. Featuring under the Esports category, cast your vote under the iFolio Best Esports Creative.

Not only do these nominees feature women on Twitch, but those on YouTube and FaceBook Gaming as well. It also showcases organizations that are geared towards marginalized creators. This is a step in the right direction as more women in gaming will realize that there are awards out there for them as well.

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