There Are 5% More HDTV Owners on PS3 than Xbox 360... Wait What?

PlayStation 3 has come a long way since it’s arguably “rough” launch back in 2006. The Xbox 360 had a lead over the system in many fields such as game selection, sales, and general reception from parts of the gaming community that felt it was over-hyped, and you know the rest. Today we see that SONY is doing great things with the PS3, bringing the world gems like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 to gawk at and/or thrillingly enjoy. Now don’t get me wrong I love my PS3 and I’m the first one to tell you that. If anything about the system has added to the gaming world, it has surely been graphics (on a console). That being said, a rather interesting statistic has caught my attention that I would like to speak about for a brief moment.

Geoff Keighley claims that Jack Tretton, President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, allegedly announced on stage that there are “5 percent more owners connected to HDTVs than 360 owners”. This statistic immediately struck me as odd. So then, how exactly does one measure the amount of HDTVs connected to PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s across the entire globe? This can be substantiated by the fact that the PS3 has Blu-Ray capability and is viewed by many as half video player half console, but my mind wanders on the subject of how this could have been quantified.

Perhaps every single PS3 and Xbox 360 is hooked up to some type of universal spy system that Jack Tretton has access to, it seems unlikely though. Perhaps there were surveys given out to PS3 users and the amount of those who *said* they have HDTV was compared in a dimly lit board meeting to some sort of Microsoft statistical equivalent and Jack Tretton happened to be in the huddle. In any case, it seems like a sketchy report to me. The Xbox 360 came to the scene in 2005 pioneering HD console gaming, and while it may have been ahead of it’s time, it has contributed a lot to gaming by being a largely successful outlet for third party developers/publishers to bring entertainment experiences to their audiences on.

All in all, this statement seems rather overblown because the logic behind it is likely some form of estimation. With the industry’s major E3 event coming up on us fast, I would suggest the gaming world take a step back from comparisons like this and focus on the art aspect of the games we all love so much. Statements like this will be plentiful in the coming weeks, from all of the big 3, I am almost sure of it. Over-hyped and out-of-the-blue statistics like this (even if they were more truth-based than this one) are really not why we enjoy playing a PS3, 360, Wii, or even older systems like the Super Nintendo or Sega DreamCast for that matter. We play video games because we love video games and they enhance our lives, when used in moderation of course!

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Jon Ireson

Jon is a gamer above all else. He plays all types of games. You can find him mostly in War games. He is very passionate and a hard worker and it shows through his writing. Favorite Games: Warhawk, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, Final Fantasy 6

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