“There Really Has Never Been A Better Time To Pick Up and Play Terraria” On The Vita, Out Now

“There Really Has Never Been A Better Time To Pick Up and Play Terraria” On The Vita, Out Now

Brand Managers are paid to say awesome, convincing things about the products they endorse, so when 505 Games’ Senior Brand Manager Richard Gittins says that “There really has never been a better time to pick up and play Terraria,” it’s okay to take it as PR propaganda. But perhaps the new details, screenshots and trailer below will convince otherwise.

Re-Logic’s celebrated Terraria is set to bring fans the gameplay the love so much, including exploration, building massive buildings, and playing with up to eight friends online to build together, battle against each other or battle together against bosses, but with added Vita features.

Players can now use touch support for a more tactile experience, using touch controls to combine and craft intuitively within the item interface, while digging and building, and when creating environments. Using the Cross Platform Play and Save features will also allow gamers to transfer their saves between console and handheld swiftly, and to play with friends on either platform as well. The goal, Gittens says, is to “Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want, however you want.”

The Vita version of Terraria will also come with the recent 1.2 PC update, including over a dozen new items and recipes, two completely new armor sets, and more than 20 new foes, including eight new Zombie enemies and six new Demon Eye variants. All of this to go with the original content, which included 200 crafting recipes, over 25 block types, more than 100 monsters (including zombies, wyverns, unicorns and evil clowns), over 30 inhabitants to meet and recruit to your home, and over a dozen environments to explore.

Terraria is set to release on the PS Vita on December 17th.

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