There is Time Travel in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Shoot Me Now

There is Time Travel in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Shoot Me Now

There has been a significant FFXIII-2 update I wanted to share with you today. It involves some story developments surrounding Noel and Lightning. It seems that FFXIII-2 will have some time travel elements in it (yes, I can hear the collective groans now). Noel comes from a future where he is the only person left. He’s come back in time to meet Serah and help save the future.

This is a tired cliché that has been done time and time again, if not in games, than in other forms of fictions, such as television shows, books, comics and movies. The only saving grace here is that Lightning is somehow involved. She now serves the goddess Etro in Valhalla. I don’t know, don’t ask. All this sounds so foreign to me. Does it have anything to do with the first game?

This week’s Weekly Jump and Dengeki PlayStaion magazines detail the time traveling system more closely, calling it the “Historia Cross” system. There are apparently gates in various zones which you need certain items to open (which Noel’s moogle can sniff out). Once they’re opened, you can cross through time at will.

I’m rather skeptical of this dubious time travel mechanic they’ve woven into the story, which, frankly, came out of deep left field, somewhere in the nosebleed section. But, I won’t pass judgment until I actually play it. The sequel is still looking quite awesome to me and I’m looking forward to revisiting the worlds we got a taste of in FFXIII.