There’s a Lott Pixie can do!

There’s a Lott Pixie can do!

Whilst i’m unsure how things are panning out over in the US, the music scene in the UK to date is saturated with many quirky solo female vocalists. Pixie Lott is no exception, so I feel obliged to post this news – seeing as it probably will effect many more UK fans out there than US ones. Today, in Guildford (a terrible, terrible place) Pixie Lott released news that in her new ‘hot’ music video, she would be performed via a Sims 3 simulation of herself. Two releases of her hit ‘Mamma Do’ would be produced, one being the original track – and the other being entirely Simlish.

While artists including Lily Allen and Katy Perry have recorded Simlish versions of their own hit songs in the past, this is the first time an artist has performed their track as a duet with their virtual self.

The official EA Sims 3 site states:

In the video, Pixie appears as herself in her dressing room getting ready to go on stage and playing The Sims 3 World Adventures on her laptop. As she creates and customises her own Sim (a virtual version of herself in the game), we see the two worlds collide and her Sim-self singing ‘Mama Do’ in Simlish as the real Pixie sings in English.

Pixie’s Sim is seen in the game hanging out with friends and creeping out of her mama’s house to see a boy, the real Pixie soon joins in and is seen partying with other Sims within the game, blurring real and virtual life.

The new Simlish recoding of ‘Mama Do’ appears in the new videogame, The Sims™ 3 World Adventures which launches this Friday.

Sounds relatively shit and pointless – as is the modern world ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy and get Simming for a 3rd time.