These Cyberpunk 2077 Concept Art Styles Are Truly Breathtaking

These Cyberpunk 2077 Concept Art Styles Are Truly Breathtaking

Check out some of the amazing Cyberpunk 2077 concept art style pieces that showcase four cultural aesthetics

From the trailers, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be a playground of top tier imagination and vibrancy. Even though the title isn’t released until April next year, we’ve been given plenty of tidbits to keep us going that has included 48 minutes of gameplay in late August, a vivid trailer at E3 2018, and a brand new cinematic trailer during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 this year. If you happen to be attending PAX West 2019 then you could very well get your hands on some gameplay of the title since this is when the demo will be made available to the public.

One of the most eye-catching elements, for me personally, in Cyberpunk 2077 is the art style that blends together a futuristic and grimy night-time urban environment that’s seen splashed over the open world metropolis Night City of California consisting of six regions—the corporate City Center, immigrant-inhabited Watson, luxurious Westbrook, suburban Heywood, gang-infested Pacifica, and industrial Santo Domingo. As beautiful as these regions appear, some concept art styles of Cyberpunk 2077 that have cropped up on Twitter blow it all out of the water.

Hollie Bennett who is the UK Head of Communication at CD Project Red posted some amazing concept art images that were being showcased at the studio.

CD Project themselves also shared the art styles on their official Twitter page. The devs further explained what each of the four cultural aesthetics art pieces meant:

    The look of poverty that derives from humans grappling with and struggling against technology and its unforgiving advance. It denotes a lack of design blending with a general poverty of means and ideas.

    The look of a long lost golden age on people entirely unwilling or unable to forget it. It’s flashy, bold and usually cheap – filled with gold-plated cyberware, implants encased in brightly colored plastic and larger-than-life makeup.

    The look of global conflict and corporations jockeying for power. Cold, sharp and modern. Making everyone look as if they are ready to drop out of an AV’s cargo door and head straight into combat.

    The look of infinite wealth and vanity. Synonymous with luxury, it has been blossoming among Night City’s wealthiest elites – those who can afford to buy anything, who can afford to be anything they want to be.

We can only hope that at some stage these pieces will be available to buy or at the very least, released as wallpapers soon.

Cyberpunk 2077 releases for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2020.