They Are Billions Gets a Campaign Mode – The New Empire – This Month

They Are Billions Gets a Campaign Mode – The New Empire – This Month

They Are Billions has been in early access since 2017. The zombie-based survival RTS is getting the long-awaited campaign mode later this month.

They Are Billions is a zombie RTS that came to early access on PC in December 2017. At release, the game was fun, but you could only engage in a randomly generated survival mode. The devs at Numantian Games promised that a campaign mode was forthcoming. Today, the team has peeled the curtain back on that campaign and revealed The New Empire to the world. Check out the trailer below.

Your fight through The New Empire‘s campaign will see you trying to found new colonies in the lands that have been ravaged by the zombie hordes. Swarms of infected roam the countryside and it is part of your mission to take these hordes out. Doing so will help protect those colonies that you’ve managed to establish.

Truly intrepid players will seek out the forgotten ruins of the old humans. Each time you infiltrate one of those old outposts, you’ll gain access to new technology that you can use to combat the zombies. The extensive tech tree shown in the trailer looks like it will give plenty of variety to mess around with and should provide you with ample reasons to replay campaign missions.

Included with the campaign are two new maps for survival mode. The Deep Forest is the calmer area of the two and will give new players a way to dip their toes in. The Caustic Lands, on the other hand, is the most dangerous and difficult game the team has released thus far. It will be a true challenge to even the most hardened They Are Billions players.

They Are Billions is available in early access on the PC now. The New Empire campaign will be releasing on June 18. It certainly looks like a great place for new fans to jump in.