They Are Billions Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Next Month

They Are Billions Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Next Month

They Are Billions is coming to consoles in July. The port is being done by port studio Blitworks and appears to only include the survival mode at launch.

One day after unveiling a new campaign mode, the They Are Billions team has announced that their zombie RTS game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The port is being handled by Blitworks, who has helped get games like Spelunky, Super Meat Boy, Bastion, and many other indies release on various consoles. Check out the announce trailer for PS4 below.

They Are Billions is an interesting game to port to consoles. Real-time strategy games haven’t always played well on consoles; however, Blitworks says the game plays “comfortably with a controller”. It will be difficult to tell until we can get hands on, but I’m hopeful that they can pull it off. At the very least, They Are Billions gives you a chance to pause combat natively. So, if you need a quick break to find your bearings, the game will let you do that.

The other challenge is the zombie density seen in They Are Billions on PC. Fortunately, Blitworks says they can get up to 20,000 units on screen in real time. That’s a sizeable swarm regardless of platform and should make the console experience feel very similar to PC. In their write-up on the Playstation Blog, Blitworks doesn’t mention The New Empire campaign, so it looks like this might just be the survival mode for now.

I’m very interested to see what They Are Billions looks like on consoles. Fortunately, we can all find out in July when the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One. If you can’t wait, you can pick up the game on PC and play the new campaign on June 18.