They Are Billions Adds New The Six Wonders Mega-Update

Unforgiving survival simulator They Are Billions is adding a new "mega-update" called The Six Wonders as development continues.

May 6, 2018

Early-access game They Are Billions will be getting a new “mega-update” called The Six Wonders. The game will add six different structures called “Wonders,” which will add substantial boosts to certain aspects of your economy.

If you’re looking to beef up your chances of survival, the new structures added by this update are a good way to start… or end, really. Any of the buildings presented in the update are incredibly expensive to make, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to produce more than one in a colony. Each one of the Wonders boosts a specific aspect of your economy, so choosing one of them to construct is a huge aspect of your long-term strategy as you push towards reclamation.

They Are Billions features a steampunk-survival setting where the world has been overrun by a rabies-zombie plague that has turn literally billions of people into horrid creatures of mayhem and destruction. You are in charge of one of the last surviving settlements, managing everything from oil to energy to defense, as you try to push back the zombie hordes and reclaim a chance at life for mankind.

As of right now, They Are Billions is still an early-access game available on Steam. There are no set dates as to when They Are Billions will be exiting early-access, but with this recent update, developers have promised to make a final push towards more updates and, eventually, releasing the full title.

Emily Hobbs

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