Thimbleweed Park Will Head to Additional Platforms; Includes Nintendo Switch

Thimbleweed Park Will Head to Additional Platforms; Includes Nintendo Switch

Developer Ron Gilbert teased that more platforms are on the horizon for the 2D adventure Thimbleweed Park, including a Nintendo Switch version.

Released earlier this year, Thimbleweed Park provided gamers with the chance to experience classic 2D point-and-click adventure gameplay with a few modern touches thrown in, and now the well-received throwback title from The Secret of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert will arrive for more platforms in the near future.

In a tongue-in-cheek tweet from Gilbert, new platforms will be announced for Thimbleweed Park next week, while the “vague, cryptic, puzzling clue” about what platforms specifically the game will come to will apparently include the Nintendo Switch. That, of course, should be obvious based on the video that was included with the tweet, which provided a look at the game running on Nintendo Switch in action.

Though more console announcements should also arrive next week (with the PS4 seeming a likely candidate as well), Gilbert’s video provided a brief look at the Nintendo Switch version in handheld mode, which will also fully make use of the system’s touch screen to guide the players’ characters on-screen and interact with the game’s verbal commands and actions.

Thimbleweed Park is available now for Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Android and Nintendo Switch versions are on the horizon, while other platforms will also be confirmed sometime next week – in the meantime, you can check out the Nintendo Switch version in action below: