Thimbleweed Park Update Lets Characters Talk to Each Other and Adds a HINT System (UPDATE)

Thimbleweed Park Update Lets Characters Talk to Each Other and Adds a HINT System (UPDATE)

You asked for it! Terrible Toybox's Thimbleweed Park just got updated to include dialogue between player-characters and a full-on hint system.

Recently, Terrible Toybox’s Thimbleweed Park received an update that allowed players to toggle the title’s “geeky adventure game references.” Now, we’ve received an update that actually adds some new dialogue to the game. Well, a lot of dialogue actually, and that’s not all!

First up on the Thimbleweed Park update docket is the addition of about 1,200 lines of dialogue, which are going to make for some very chatty characters. After the lead voice actors were called back to the studio for some recording, the game was updated so that two playable characters on the same screen might actually have something to say to one another. The team says that this was one of the top requests from the Thimbleweed Park community, but it was also something they may have been overlooked when the game was originally developed. Designer Ron Gilbert explains on the developer blog:

“This was something I attempted during initial production but abandoned due to me being unable to think about it as anything more than an a overly complex hint system.

“This turned out to be a mistake.

“Allowing the characters to talk to each other actually solved a bunch of problems. It was crystal clear (in our heads) why they were working together (or didn’t care if they were), but that wasn’t clear to players.”

So much of Thimbleweed Park is about retrieving the point-and-click adventure feels of yester-year, and that’s no different with the next aspect of the recently released update. Much like the 1-900 numbers that were available to any gamer who needed a hint on one of those oldie adventure titles, Thimbleweed Park now features its own hint system. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay $2 a minute for this one. Instead, you access the HintTron 3000 by dialing 4468 (HINT) from an in-game phone to get “context sensitive hints” for the area you’re currently stuck in.

Thimbleweed Park is currently available on Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, with iOS and Android versions of the game still scheduled to release later this summer. The team has also teased that more platforms might be in the works.

(UPDATE: The article previously stated that 16,000 lines of dialogue had been added to the game. The game’s original launch contained 16,000 lines of dialogue and 1,200 were added as part of the update. The article has now been corrected to reflect that information: our apologies for the error.)