The Thin Silence is Out Today on Steam, Humble Bundle and

The Thin Silence is Out Today on Steam, Humble Bundle and

The Thin Silence is now out for release, giving players control over Ezra Westmark as he puzzles his way through a world inspired by Limbo.

The Thin Silence is a title with inspiration from games like Limbo and Knytt Stories. Its creation is possible thanks to Two PM Studios and Nkidu Games Inc. The adventure with this story is of narrative design and follows Ezra Westmark during his exile to forgiveness. You have to puzzle your way through his world by using unique items and combining them with other items you come across.

The Thin Silence is out for release at a price of $9.99, but there is a discount during the launch period on Steam. To add onto that, the game is partnered with CheckPoint Organization Ltd., who will donate $.10 for every copy of the game purchased. The main mission of CheckPoint is to connect mental health resources with technology and video games, which is also a theme presented with the game. Ben Follington, the Technical Director for The Thin Silence, had some things to say relating to the partnership with CheckPoint and the new game:

When we started making The Thin Silence, we didn’t know we were making a game about mental health. I wasn’t really comfortable with that being a leading theme of the game for a lot of development. There’s a lot of shame and fear about opening up about these things, video games are “fun” after all. Seeing Checkpoint’s work is part of what made me feel like we could and should make a statement and share our perspectives.

The Thin Silence can be played on the PC or Mac. Gamers looking to buy the game can do so right now at $9.99 with a 10% discount through Steam,, and Humble Bundle. Check out the trailer below: