Parenting Simulator Think of the Children Release Date Revealed

Parenting Simulator Think of the Children Release Date Revealed

Jammed Up Studios and Surprise Attack Games release a trailer announcing the launch date of its parenting simulator Think of the Children on PC.

Jammed Up Studios and Surprise Attack Games have officially announced the release date for their parenting simulator Think of the Children with a frantic launch trailer.

Think of the Children will launch onto Steam on Thursday, October 19, putting you in the shoes of a parent who is on trial for 438 counts of parental negligence. It will be up to you to tell the story of what really happened at the scenes of your alleged crimes.

In Think of the Children, you will be tasked with being a proper, attentive parent across a number of scenarios including a simple birthday in the park or even an unexpected visit to the Australian Outback! Depending on your actions in this task manager, you will either prove yourself innocent or guilty to the people of the court.

Think of the Children features gameplay for up to 4 players (via couch co-op) to team up and prove that they have proper parenting skills. Stop the barbecue from setting ablaze, catch Jen before she eats those poisonous berries, and don’t forget to ice the cake!

You might have noticed that this game has a twisted sense of humor, and the possibilities for streaming the title have not been lost on its developers. That’s precisely why Twitch and Mixer integration has been included.

Think of the Children will be available for PC on October 19. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website or its Steam page. Below you will find the launch trailer announcing the game’s imminent release.