ThinkGeek's April Fools' Day Product Line Includes Kirby Roomba and NBA Jam Mini Hoop

ThinkGeek's latest April Fools' product line includes a Kirby Roomba, an NBA Jam Mini Hoop, and a Mimic-like fake package.

ThinkGeek always has a good time coming up with ridiculous products for their annual April Fools’ prank. They’ve done it again this year with ten new products.

The big one in 2019 is a Kirby Robot Vacuum. Kirby (Knowledge Interface Robot Buddy Yielder) is a sucking machine who has no end to his hunger and they’ve harnessed his A.I. to make one of the best vacuums on the market. Using the custom Switch app, you can manually navigate your vacuum and even battle him against other vacuums in the “Smash” mode. They were even able to get Makiko Ohmoto in to provide 41 custom emotes!

ThinkGeek also has finally gotten into the sports business and has made their own mini basketball hoop. Of course, it wouldn’t be a ThinkGeek product with a little flair and they’ve gone all out here. The Flame Jam Hoop can track your makes and once you hit three straight shots, the rim bursts into flames, letting everyone know that you are truly “On Fire.”

Another super helpful new product is the Motion-Controlled Mimic Package. This little guy will masquerade as a normal package on your doorstep. When someone comes up to try and steal it off your porch, the package activates. It pops open to reveal razor sharp (looking) teeth and a long tongue, giving would-be thieves a terrible surprise. Best of all, the package is solar powered. No batteries needed!

All of these products are pretty great, but there is nothing I want to be more real than the Bean Bag Onesie. How is this not real? Honestly, I would live in it.

If you want to see the other six products ThinkGeek has out for their April Fools’ prank, check their website. And after you do, please tweet at them so we can make the Bean Bag Onesie a reality.

Ricky Frech

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