ThinkGeek Has Some Gaming and Retro Themed Valentines Day Gifts in Stock

ThinkGeek has a range of gaming-themed products in stock for Valentines Day, so you can finally stuff your hand up a Piranha Plant or listen to Pac-Man noises.

February is a month where love festers through the air as Valentines Day draws near on February 14. You’ll probably see people at local stores gawping at the selections of romantic gifts on display for at least a week before the day of love takes place. ThinkGeek has brought in a range of new products that could be a good match for a gamer or retro lover.

ThinkGeek’s new products allow you to get your hands on a range of products, one being a Pac-Man lamp which starts playing the classic games start-up music. Additionally, you can trigger 12 sound effects from the games with a remote that also allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp. Three feet at the bottom stop the 8″ lamp from rolling about, and it costs $34.99.

You can allow your loved one to achieve their dreams of being Mario with ThinkGeek’s Super Mario Mario lounger, although the mustache doesn’t appear to be included. It’s a full zip lounger and has short sleeves and Mario’s cap as a hood. It’ll cost you $39.99 and there’s even a Luigi version available.

If your loving partner is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player, they’ll probably be waiting for something else in February. One of the game’s first downloadable characters is due to arrive in the game and it’s none other than Piranha plant. Well, for $39,99 you’ll be able to actually shove your hand up the pot of plant and control it with the gigantic Piranha Plant Puppet.

Additionally, if you recall our review on Nickelodeon Kart Racers you might remember that the game’s roster is mostly Rugrats characters. While the game might not have done well, ThinkGeek has some Chuckie themed slippers and a hooded Reptar robe available.

February is a packed month for game releases with games such as Ape Out, Far Cry: New Dawn, Anthemand even more coming out. But if you don’t want to grab a game for your dearly beloved, maybe merch could be the alternative.

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