ThinkGeek PixelJunk Shooter 2 T-Shirt Giveaway Contest

This weekend we want to give away a couple of T-shirts courtesy of ThinkGeek, the premier retailer for the global geek community. Their recent partnership with Q-Games has driven us to do a giveaway for their new PixelJunk Shooter 2 T-shirts (pictured above).

Do you want to have one of these T-shirts sent to your house? All you have to do is leave a comment leaving us your favorite PixelJunk Shooter or any 2D shooter moment, and the two that catches our attention the most will win a T-shirt! Also, remember to leave us your shirt size!

Deadline for leaving a comment is Monday night at 9pm EST. Good luck, everybody!


Here are your two winners: Monodi and RoderoSan.

Monodi said,

Raiden is one of my favorite 2D shmups ever. I am actually not much into bullet hell games because they saturate my brain with multiple processes. However, Raiden makes the experience like an endurance test with all the deliciously overpowered … uhh… power-ups!

The magnetic beam remains to me as a steamrolling experience while at the same time I can suddenly get shot down by a single bullet I overlooked.

It’s both crazy hard and crazy addictive!

And RoderoSan said,

Without a doubt PixelJunk Shooter 2 saved my five-year long relationship with my girlfriend. For this, it is one of my favorite games of all time, and holds my favorite moment in 2D shooter memory. Here’s what happened:

Two years ago, we played PixelJunk Shooter 1 all the way through to completion. It was a great bonding co-op experience, and winning all 255 diamonds was a huge achievement. After some arguments, we ended up breaking up in mid-December due to some stupid conflicts and petty jealousies. She goes to college in Virginia, and I go to college in New Jersey; distance has been difficult. We did not talk to each other at all for several months, the separation was much needed, but we were both quite lonely. In mid-February, I sent her a single text message saying, “PJS2 comes out soon… it’s going to be weird playing it alone.” This triggered a few short conversations, and when PJS2 finally released, she came up and surprised me with a visit! She was only going to stay in the area for about two days, so we had to get to business.

We started playing through the game, and over the course of two days, we got about 2/3 through the game (I had classes, so we couldn’t play 24-hours a day. At the end of the two days, she decided to call in sick for the next day of work. She didn’t have to worry about school because she was on her spring break. The next night, we got to the final boss, the “Guardian of the Deep”. I don’t know if you’ve attempted to beat this boss, but it is VERY difficult. We died several times in our attempt to beat this boss. I had class at 8AM, and we were still playing at 2:30AM. I said “okay… 3AM or bust”. We kept pushing and pushing against the boss, and when we finally coordinated perfectly, we defeated the boss at 2:54AM. It felt amazing, and right as the credits began to roll, we kissed and realized that everything was going to be okay. I am very grateful to Q-Games for making this amazing game, with an amazing co-op mode. I really believe that without Shooter 2, I would still be a lonely sap.

She ended up staying for the entire week, we got all 255 diamonds, completed special thing unlocked when you get all of the diamonds (no spoilers!), and I spent my entire spring break, the next week, with her.

Congrats to you two. Expect emails soon.

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