Thinking With Not-Portals: Introducing Quantum Conundrum

Thinking With Not-Portals: Introducing Quantum Conundrum

Earlier today, Airtight Games and Square-Enix announced a new game called Quantum Conundrum for the PSN, XBLA, and PC, and it’s been getting quite a bit of attention. Why? Kim Swift seems to have a big hand in the development of this; Valve fanboys will know her as the co-creator of Portal, along with her work on the Left 4 Dead series.

The influence is most certainly there, if the announcement trailer is to be believed. Just like Portal, this one’s a first-person puzzle platformer with heavy narrative elements, albeit with more a cartoony aesthetic and non-serious atmosphere. Check the trailer after the jump to see for yourself.


Yep, throwing that safe around to land on buttons most certainly looks like Portal, at times a bit too much, in fact. Part of me is now wondering if this will be a Portal-inspired, solid quality game, or just a game that tries to mimic the modern gaming classic, and eventually ends up falling well short of expectations.

Either way, we’ll have more for you when it gets closer to launch, projected to be in early 2012.