Third Brink Dev Diary Challenges Genre Labels

on August 24, 2010 12:43 PM

Brink PS3 Xbox 360 Screen Bethesda QuakeCon

Splash Damage challenges the validity of genre labels as RPG blends with shooter, strategy emerges in nearly everything, and action becomes too vague to categorize in today’s gaming world, in their latest video developer diary diary. Their upcoming title Brink seeks to keep things fresh while blending such genres and adding new elements to the formula seen in past titles. The single player and multi-player systems in Brink are linked in a way that should keep players interested in the outcome of every match, rather than just how many points they have. Customizing the equipment you use to jump into beautifully lit gunfights are some of the highlights of the third Brink dev diary. Check out the video after the break and don’t forget to check out the Interview / Preview of Brink featuring Deputy Editor of DualShockers Joel Taveras and CEO of Splash Damage Paul Wedgewood.

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